Paints baked in-house for top quality

Your car was built to last. Sometimes, however, paint can fade or become scratched over time. If your car needs a new look, bring it to Waltmon Frame & Body Shop. We bake our paints here with our own special mixing machine and use top-of-the-line Chroma Premiere Clear Coats (LIFETIME WARRANTY). We'll tint and shade the paint to match your car.

The best part? We GUARANTEE a paint match if your car is in reasonably good condition!

Crisp and efficient dry

When your car pulls out of our paint booth, it will be ready to go home with you. We use a factory style force dry system so you don't have to wait to see the finished product!

Get your FREE estimate

Worried about the cost of a paint job? Let us help ease your mind with a FREE estimate. Pull in any time. No appointment is necessary!

Matches your car's tint and shade

No more scratches

Want to easily get rid of small nicks and scratches on your car? Stop by Waltmon Frame & Body Shop to have paint chips touched up. We also offer COMPLIMENTARY rock chip painting services.